Haiku #259


I put sunglasses on,

Not to shield my eyes from light,

But to hide my tears.

2 thoughts on “Haiku #259

  1. From April 2018, approaching the final end to my marriage…


    Run out the door,
    escape route,
    sunglasses hide

    the end of the

    Finally the forever

    dormant anger

    in me rises.

    He will not leave,

    says he won’t sign.

    If that’s the case,

    I’ll leave tonight…

    I am suddenly


    buried alive,

    choking on dirt,

    fading light.

    Nowhere to go,

    trapped again,

    always reshackled,

    always dead ends.

    The dormant anger

    in me rises.

    If left no choice,

    this time,

    I fight.

    But not tonight.

    Tonight, I choose



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