Blue Box

Taxes paid for astronauts
To fly a flag on the moon;
Teraelectrons tunnelled loops,
Trinity made a Mexican soup,
But I cannae recycle plastic bags.

Into my head I had hard-wired
Dead musicians tarnished;
HIV’s retreating,
And the wars these days are fleeting,
But I cannae recycle varnish.

The Minister for Handwash
Is now self-incubating;
Satellites trajectory
Connect me to Detroit,
But I cannae recycle kitchen foil.

Transport ticks on biofuels,
Why only now is this unlocked?
MRI minds diseases,
Embryo preservationists,
But I cannae recycle a pizza box.

When the wheels regenerate
My fishy gills trap plastic;
It’s no suprise I have issues.
Perhaps I’ll feel a form of fantastic
When we are recycling tissues.

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