An Incident

Seven imposters stormed a plane,
Copilot diverting, I was captain in name,
So we headed instead for south-west Maine.

A life too fragile recognises,
Flashed several uneventful enterprises,
Designless thoughts, and magnetises;

“Why would young people now watch news
When it’s one more license to abuse,
A taxi-ride through a worldwide sluice.

Not from profitable schooling would we learn,
Taught of fires we could not burn,
Sometimes my whole body would discern

In every muscle sensations hurt,
Skin repealed and nerves subvert
Beneath a Pink Floyd t-shirt.

My favourite film I found, all comatose,
I turned to you, and said Time slows
Down, but if filmed today, who knows.

When comes my turn, I would impress
The difference for failure, and for success,
Is simply two degrees or less”.

The imposters fled the fuselage,
My frame was hoisted on a barge;
With nothing left, the doctors discharged.


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