Modern Love

Love sets her alarm for five
To let me know I’m still alive,
Grey gloom palls the woods and lane,
Nothing now will be the same.
There is a generic verbal thrust
To what the neighbourhoods discuss,
Have I got it,
Have I not,
If I’ve got it
Will it rot me
From the inside out,
Strips language from a polyglot
Strips medals from a veteran’s plot,
Will I run or will it flout,
Barrels empty, beer and stout,
Patrolmen mythic horses mount.
We used to keep our films secure
By covering tabs with tape before,
Now we’re taping cracks with laws,
Once imprisoned, escaping thoughts;
I remembered something beautiful,
The colour of your hair in 1994.
These are the thoughts listed above,
When I was a younger man in love.

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