Haiku #584


I understand you,
As you understand me too.
And that is enough.

12 thoughts on “Haiku #584

      1. I should have added that 1) all forms of abuse by anyone anytime is unacceptable and 2) no one has the right to keep you from writing if that’s what you want to do, or anything else for that matter. Sorry if I’m making obvious points here.

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      2. Haha, no it’s good to read them. I think it had just came as a surprise to me, perhaps in my own naivety around this platform and the digital world. I came to this platform to express myself, not to get caught up in some weird fight that I actually didn’t know I was having πŸ˜† I did end up blocking her, so thanks for that. So we’ll see, I am ready to pull the pin and jump off if necessary. One of my friends is like ‘Babe, come on, you don’t need this’ and I agree with them. I honestly don’t care if she or her friend write about me (because I don’t follow her any more)… I’m really not here for that. I’ll just do my own thing yes? It just gets annoying because then you feel like you need to edit what you write just ‘in case’ someone thinks it’s about them. Sigh. I just want to ignore it all. Seriously… Are we back in high school? That was a long time ago πŸ™„ Thanks for letting me process a bit πŸ˜… Sorry to dump this on you… Even writing it out feels very ‘teenage drama’ haha. I’ll take a moment. Have a think. Thanks Nick… For just I don’t know… Being Nick.

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      3. I’m glad you’re ok. It sounds as though you’ve dealt with it in the right way. Absolutely right that you should do your own thing and also without limiting how you express yourself through your writing. If we end up doing that because of one or two people, when I’m sure the majority are supportive, then the negativity of an individual has won and our writing is no longer true to ourselves. So yes, ignore it, keep doing what you’re doing, and stay strong and safe and well πŸ‘ŠπŸ»β˜ΊοΈ

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