Essence of survival’s seed
Is only ever as vital to me
As happiness aligned between
The nature and the need.

Wealthy neighbours trappings
My role could never afford,
Grow your golden shiny wrappings,
I’m happier being poor.

There’s nothing fine to me in fame,
All people I’ll not meet;
Filling thoughts, a foreign name,
For rhymes which float and fleet.

I turned my ego inside out,
Ego flogged my soul impure;
It thrashed in nets, and lunged about,
May meditation some day cure.

One thought on “Trappings

  1. A cup of coffee and some electricity is all I need, I often say. And the electricity is optional really… candlelight and an ink pen suffice. I was a bit disappointed when the power came back on after our last hurricane. My daughter and I played board games and cards beside the lantern each sundown… When the power was restored she was off to her room and her electronics. Maybe I’ll hit the breaker once a week…

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