The Coast Of Shrouds

I prefer heavy rain
As rain keeps me grounded;
A shipwreck submerged,
A ghost keeps its counsel.
Crowds too kept at bay,
A drowning skiff is confounded.

I lost all I loved back then,
And all I would love forever,
Is it surprising to know
I could not imagine life
And thoughts within it.
Thoughts like skittish clouds
On the coast of shrouds
As unseen suns diminish.

One thought on “The Coast Of Shrouds

  1. Wow! Very powerful and extremely well-written. Damn, Nick, those last lines. Soooooooooo good. I am always going to be expecting them now with ridiculously high standards, lol. You end your book chapters very memorably too. I actually tell my students (well, more like act out) how much I love a good last line (in conclusion paragraphs).

    The entire last three lines are actually remarkable for their imagery (which I also very much enjoy in your writing) as well as the sound devices used. (I couldn’t stop saying them for a while.) There is something so powerful about unseen suns diminishing! There is no subtly of mood in many of your poems: love that too!

    I’m a fan, Nick! 🙂

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