Ways I thought were comforting,
Turned opposable truths;
And days I lost while wandering,
Hypothesis turned to proof.

My many mistakes are constant,
My fathers did the same;
We light our candles yearly
Yet never feel a flame.

An etch in time on vinyl,
Assembled rhymes unsaid;
Words my blue revival,
My gothic heart beats red.

19 thoughts on “Etching

  1. Nick, this is outstanding 👏 The whole thing is so well written, but these lines in particular blew me away with their depth… “We light our candles yearly / Yet never feel a flame.” Wow.

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      1. 😊 Well you really write some beautiful things Nick, so that would be the cause for the positive response 😆 But I understand, I feel the same about people who read my work. I wonder if all writers feel the same, surely they must.

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  2. Oooh, I really like this one. Not sure why because I’m too tired to analyze at the moment, but I found myself re-reading it repeatedly (enjoying one element or layer at a time)…well, I couldn’t stand not answering (to myself mostly, I think) why I like it so dug deeper even though my brain is mush. The first stanza, I can relate to, in the second, the non-heat of the flame, to me, signifies indifference, the fading of the ability to feel emotion (which is sad), but the last stanza…my personal interpretation is that of unproduced/unsung (vinyl) record songs (which is really powerful to me, especially with all that vinyl records, scratches, needles, nostalgia, and old, often sad, songs evoke); the juxtaposition of blue (cold and dead) and red (warm and passion/blood) creates quite an effect…I felt that words could bring the narrator back to life, yet the gothic red added a cool, dark tone, so even alive with a beating heart, the narrator was still among the shadows (although tied into my vinyl imagery, I could also hear gothic rock music). So, that’s a lot going on in me from these few stanzas, which is why I like it. 🙂

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    1. I am so heartened and glad, reading your analysis. I’m just sooo pleased that it resonates and can have meaning, and even depth! 🙏🏻🤓 I’m very grateful….

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