L’eternità è intatta

Rain doesn’t stream
Asunder the sea,
Nor be in hurries
Today for my needs.

I’ve seen through storm-troubles
For years less remembered;
By its own great weight
A sea- bed is tempered.

Ashamed of existing,
More waters have laws
Than my calcified heart.
Il mio calore è per l’inverno, sempre;
L’eternità è intatta come l’arte.

The bones of an ocean’s regrets;
Troubles redoubled
Do not go away,
When years are persisting
And the sea is still grey.

24 thoughts on “L’eternità è intatta

      1. Your words about my prose post were equally needed and special to me today. I reverted that post to draft then republished then took it down then republished and was about to take it down again, lol. I used to write more personal prose under another pen name. I want to write to inspire others but not in a way that gives details about my past struggles; I’m not ready for that part (not sure I will ever be because I’ve spent my whole life guarded and a private person when it comes to my personal life) even though most of the struggles I have healed enough from.

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      2. I think it’s a case of only doing what is right for you, one step at a time. Your strength is yours to own, not anybody else’s.

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