Haiku #681


Winter Mistle Thrush.
Touch wood, oblong fens and doves;
No need now to rush.

One thought on “Haiku #681

  1. I like that the tone of this is open to interpretation and the mood open to, well, mood. It can be extremely peaceful to be among the winter birds and wetlands, calling to mind a winter holiday vacation or sleepy hibernation, to have time to slow down and unwind from the year and enjoy loved ones. It could also evoke sadness and/or loneliness, a desolate place void of human companionship in which one has no plans and therefore no need for the holiday bustle of traditions between people.

    So…those interpretations would be reasonable if the wood was simply the tree and the birds simply birds, BUT… I am interpreting “touch wood” as the phrase for hope for the future which precedes doves, which represent peace and love and quite frankly make the wonderful mistle thrush seem less appealing given their mob numbers and berry-defending nature as storm cocks.

    But what about this “No need now to rush”? Is it the NEED that needs not be rushed or is there no need for the RUSH? Or both? And punctuation cannot be disregarded! Winter mistle thrush is punctuated to be the first complete thought followed by the next two lines joined with a semicolon, therefore being related. THEN, we have the ability to cheat a little and look at the tags, two of which are time and longing.

    Overall, the hope and love and peace of the second line cannot be overlooked. So… winter’s here but there’s an optimistic and rather secure future, so despite the longing, I am taking it (for me) to be a message of patience for the future season of togetherness. 🙂

    I could go on…

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