Snow falling on the sea,
I noticed how snowflakes floated awhile
And then we disappeared.

Somewhere out there is Sun,
But sunlight is not for everyone
Down here.

The lathered cabesters returning
And a chacking huer’s thirsty
As he conducts the fairmaids home.

How beautiful the ocean
If only from a skiff,
How beautiful the drop

If only from a cliff,
How beautiful the missing
If only we may live.

Somewhere out there is Moon;
Aphelion wilderness
With a little less gloom.

N.B Lathered, Cabester, Chacking and Huer are words from Cornish dialect. Fairmades or Fairmaids is an old Cornish word for pilchards.

2 thoughts on “Aphelion

  1. Love Line 3; it became very apparent I was reading you when I read that…the places you allegorically take us! (Well, loved the title before that even.)

    Disappearing…missing…down here…farthest point from the sun, deep in space, dropping from a cliff…deep underwater. Super cool way to express whatever the reader wishes to take from it. For me, it felt like a place I’ve been to. Before. Alone. But with others before and after me. But it could also simply be a beautiful natural day trip escape or trade lifestyle.

    I also looked up Cornwall, which is stunning, and I love your poems that include fishermen scenes. Including Cornish dialect made it feel ironically comforting for me, oddly at home in a foreign and historical scene.

    The contradictions in this were compelling, between space and sea, between the beauty of the harbor I pictured and being far out at sea. My favorites folder is getting thick…


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