I Caught A Certain Joyousness

I caught a certain joyousness
In a potter’s wheel,
The pedal turns the morning rain
Upon my windowsill.

I found a flawless form of light
In a Blacksmith’s Arms,
She called me from a willow trunk
And brought me out of harm.

I followed through a rabbit hole
The image of myself,
Rolling down a childhood hill,
For childhood was my wealth.

And though my wealth was stolen,
And placed upon a bark,
I sailed across an ocean bare
And dreaming in the dark.

Nothing good may come this way
To remedy what’s past;
That isolated bairn has gone,
The future now is cast.

2 thoughts on “I Caught A Certain Joyousness

  1. The tone shifted for me, but I am still hopeful for the man of that bairn. What amazing lines and imagery in here. The capitalization of Arms made my curiosity restless, but I think I figured it out.

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    1. The Blacksmith’s Arms is a name of a number of pubs in England. I changed the gender (why should a blacksmith be male….) and made it about a person rather than a place.

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