Constant reminders
In my body’s retirement
Of your indelible
Dissolved into me,
My skin the sea
Filled with your molluscs
And a coprolitic fossil
Of your movements,
Your impossible
Puzzles and befuddled
Cryptic sentences
Like lugworm trails
Where the blight receded,
You see his sand-cast there
But not his burrowed body,
For flesh and form
Took leave long ago,
And all that remains
Are contusions.

Emerged from your gulf,
Urgent as a siren
Until the giant waves
Rewound, every mole
A continuum from times
Of settlements in iris,
Unfunny jokes,
Inverted laughter,
I made no demands for
The complexities of your
Shell-emptied nautilus,
Salvaged from a sea-bed,
Thrust up through a hole
With samphire-weed and poison.

Seagulls squawk and spiral
On a Fibonacci horizon,
I do not own a hair on my heart,
I do not own a thorn-seed;
I was born on Steppes of Despair,
And that is where I am mourning.

5 thoughts on “Umbilicus

  1. No words for the level of this word craft at first… just wow. First of all, you make me want to improve my own craft, inspire me as a writer to play more with words. I think it’s your unbelievable diction combined with your unique allusions and deeply-layered metaphors that combines with the sound devices a poet tries to employ… you just take poetry to such a next level. It leaves my jaw dropped. But, I want to be specific here, so… (Part Two next…)

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    1. Okay, I was still dumbfounded with trying to put into words my reactions, and I’m an English teacher! But I know how appreciated specificity is rather than general flattery (which I cannot help; it’s genuine!). So… I like the analogy of the sea, for sure.

      I love the first stanza for its reminder of how people can carelessly leave but leave us with so much to carry against our will, and “coprolitic” I had to look up but how perfect! And I feel the frustration of the undecipherable mess left behind in endless tantalizing trails to nowhere and unable to be tide-swept.

      I like the creative way you genetically connected the narrator with the other person and infused it with the sea analogy. And the sound devices, wow!! I just want to keep reciting it! And the feeling/emotion. And the accelerating in degree of the tone words: coprolitic, contusions, siren, thrust, poison…

      Third stanza: I love the way the ruckus and complexity of the conundrum is portrayed in the first two lines, and what I perceive as the defenselessness of the narrator in response to all of this in the next two lines, and the sad conclusion, albeit still cleverly crafted with the fictitious allusion.

      That’s my take anyway! 🙂

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