No More For Me The Sun

No more did you need for me,
No more for me the Sun;
Desire’s a mangy bedfellow
When beds are made for one.

He turned my pillow inwardly,
History’s eye disinterred;
Bled salt from me, then westerly,
Fulfillment is deferred.

In crackling ice behind a shed
I found a frozen stem,
Within its roots more frozen there
My love is laid to rest.

2 thoughts on “No More For Me The Sun

  1. Sometimes a heart must
    cryogenically freeze
    to faithfully preserve itself until
    the spring.
    Sometimes winter calls
    for the mind injects
    pesticidal falsities
    and natural is the earth’s spin,
    but never can love truly perish
    for love is the only truth within,
    and love always, always
    in the end

    Needed was always the case.
    Leave, never does the sun.
    Only the world
    ever turns
    its face
    from the eternal light
    of love.

    The frozen stem’s life
    has only just
    Inside the one who’s found it
    is the bloom
    she long ago gave
    in love.

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