I Give The World Back To Nature

I give the world back to nature;
A waxwing with a breast of songs
Calibrates my credences,
Re-writes years of wrongs.

If gnostics, also stoics feared,
Divined this branch’s end,
What other laws acceded to
Make tools for our amends.

I give the world back to nature:
Conjugate, Platonic fox –
Milk may curdle, wood will rot –
As brambles smother brickwork clocks.

All my beliefs retreat in nature,
Moorland horses, forest boars;
Language seldom for relief
Nor remedies the source.

I watched a guru wash a lake,
His oily face was aged and cragged;
Flowing ocean, growing marsh,
Have me slowly backwards dragged.

One thought on “I Give The World Back To Nature

  1. Oh my gosh! I love this! Adding to my all-time favorites!

    That first verse especially… I love to recite it! Such meaning, and the imagery so enhanced by the way you describe things, like not just a bird singing and not just birdsong, but a “waxwing with a breast of songs”… so beautiful (and I always image search when you are specific like this)! I always admire your diction and clever sound craft: “calibrates my credences”! The rest….just love the mood that is instilled and lingers in me: all of this scene.

    I always want to play more myself with the art of words when I read yours, to stretch myself further as a creative from the inspiration I get from your writing. So glad you use your talents, and so grateful that you gift us your creations.

    Liked by 1 person

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