Zygalski Sheets

Snows on frozen lake,
Aggregate in silicate,
Glittering and slight.

To hope you’d be back soon
Moss upon magnesium brew,
Craters on a moon alight;
Would I rejoin the living
I’d wait just one more night.

Giraffe River

My one and only sovereignty
Is undeniable sadness.

In these remote soliloquies
I would seek forgiveness

For something other than being alone.
There is a pleading stone in my throat,

Neither gemstone nor the coke
Smoked from under a distant slope,

I own my descendency, my business
Being a militant trope

Ossified into a monopyrenous
Imported drupe,

A flag flutters briefly over my eyes,
And in that dimming whittled flute

Sounds of my endless demise.

The Waking

You’ve been making yourself sick again.
Patronymic yellow, a man’s best friend;
I have this great distaste for the ages
And I shall bellow from my aberrant soul
A rail against all travails, your spume

And your foam, his wife and the world;
Her maiden voyage, champagne soaked,
Dried up rivers, bare oxbows;
For easy forsaking abundance is made –
Old time lore, there she blows.

You pushed that dire emetic back in
From where it did flow;
Absolved the sins in doing so,
Excesses of the long-since dead
On to our living transposed.

Sleep only ever satisfies the waking.

Slate Island Lake

I must burst this skin of hypocrisy 
And ride the eighty flames arrayed
Where a seaplane landed on ice
As thin as a rhyme or a tooth
Found doubting time
Not far from a village outflow pipe.

Strange typographies -
I must thread so many embers
Of this mirthless house remembered,
In myrrh and myrtle's mysteries
They threw some grounded cinnamon
Back across our borders; those pilots
Buried an uncaught bouquet
Decayed, adjacent to that
Cracked and damaged surface;
Defiled village roofing, tiles
From flattened, deshelled turtles;
My heart was restarted and now
I am haemorrhaging deaths
As we hurtle, unprotected
And unprecedented
Out of my mind's congealed
Mnemonic eels
And into the first rains
Since a hundred years ago, or so,
Dependent on your perspective.