In Tempo

Nove più nove
In tempo
È uguale a sei.

Com’è possibile
Ha chiesto un gatto nel muro
Nella sala della mia sfiga.

Penso quindi non lo sono.
Io non esisto
Perché penso
Ma piuttosto
Perché io non.

Maneki-neko No.2

My journey is only beginning,
Slowly with songs we are winning.

He told me I was broken,
And truth was simply a token

He stored beneath my tongue.
Truth received a bung

In case I could be opened
Without him here to co-depend.

Self-kindness looked away,
A village willow with dismay

Silenced Spring with all the same
Fragile leaves of falling blame.

He made a ladder with no rungs,
Butterflies flourished in his lungs.

A cat unpicked my mouth devout,
And now the coins are falling out.