Crows In A Loop

Cow parsley then keck,
There’s still a wreck
Beyond the dunes
And lagoons with a neck.

Cow parsley soup,
Dog with a croup,
Sometimes fogs
Keep crows in a loop.

Bilders with a Cornish i
Also kex, north aglow
With coleslaw sky,
That wreck is sailing by.

N.B keck, bilders and kex are forms of English dialect for cow parsley


Snow falling on the sea,
I noticed how snowflakes floated awhile
And then we disappeared.

Somewhere out there is Sun,
But sunlight is not for everyone
Down here.

The lathered cabesters returning
And a chacking huer’s thirsty
As he conducts the fairmaids home.

How beautiful the ocean
If only from a skiff,
How beautiful the drop

If only from a cliff,
How beautiful the missing
If only we may live.

Somewhere out there is Moon;
Aphelion wilderness
With a little less gloom.

N.B Lathered, Cabester, Chacking and Huer are words from Cornish dialect. Fairmades or Fairmaids is an old Cornish word for pilchards.