Ode To Beauty

Describing physical beauty
Should never begin with a form,
Society’s circular cruelties
Turn falsehoods into the norm.

So firstly undressing a kindness
For so long stowed in your heart,
Sharing love’s like-mindedness,
Sublimer sleeps the art.

All love is loving in layers,
Our bodies are only the start;
I’d rather see your soul flourished,
Where the lips of souls then part.


Essence of survival’s seed
Is only ever as vital to me
As happiness aligned between
The nature and the need.

Wealthy neighbours trappings
My role could never afford,
Grow your golden shiny wrappings,
I’m happier being poor.

There’s nothing fine to me in fame,
All people I’ll not meet;
Filling thoughts, a foreign name,
For rhymes which float and fleet.

I turned my ego inside out,
Ego flogged my soul impure;
It thrashed in nets, and lunged about,
May meditation some day cure.

Already Gone

You are the golden sky
Where I reside and
Sometimes hide;
You tint the clouds
With gilded touch,
And I fall as men always
Fall into fields of corn,
In love with the beauty
Of your feminine soul.

You are lightning and
The deafening quietness
Of summer storms;
I lay down in that field
And all constellations fell;
I mowed the bowling green
Where I hoped on Sunday
You would be seen;
Sadly though, deprived,
You had already gone.