Haiku #516 – #518


Plastic facemasks flushed
Find the Great Pacific Blight.
Cycle washing drums.


Perhaps I will dream
Of plastic floating, serene
As jellyfish sows


Pushing translucent
Routes through stars like ellipses,
Dripping universe.

Giant Celestial Mallygolder Sonnet

On a bicycle morphed into a train,
Then on the dream-demesne’s bike again,
Pursued morning through fields with starlit flight,
Our destinations out of range and sight.
From the night-carriage window into view
They drifted from the sleeping stellar shrew,
Eclipsed Waxing Moon and Blue Sun’s space,
Two jellyfish, bioluminescent grace;
Maternal medusa, tentacled calf,
The ephyra’s pulse splits planets in half;
In purple-pink hues we witnessed their hearts,
Breached into this universe, then departs.
To write about dreams of planktonic souls
Is easier perhaps than of unpaid tolls.